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Stacy England Has Joined the RMM Team.


Posted by Jackie Edwards - 03 August, 2020

Stacy England is part of the RMM Solutions team as Vice President of Service and Operations.

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Stacy England’s love for technology started with a need to deliver high availability critical infrastructure for financial systems, providing five 9’s of availability to these applications. He continued to hone his technology skills during his tenure at Kohl’s and Data Holdings. Each year he continued to gain additional roles, responsibility, and furthered efforts into technology, including innovating a disaster recovery/backup solution ensuring the stores, and distribution centers remain functioning without corporate technology support.

“A person could throw a dart at a globe and find a job. I was looking for a company which shared my vision, work ethic, and culture fit. The leadership team at RMM not only shares that same vision, it promotes it throughout the entire organization”

Stacy is a strong advocate for delivering exceptional I.T services and creating highly functional teams, while remaining focused on being the customer advocate. He will be responsible for the Implementation, Engineering, Data Centers, Hosting and Service Desk teams. His responsibilities will also include vision and oversight for the two SSAE-18 data centers.


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