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RMM IT Solutions Helping Bone & Joint Achieve Medical HiTech.


Posted by Jackie Edwards - 12 January, 2021

The Bone & Joint Center, a central Wisconsin Orthopedic Medical Center, has partnered with RMM Solutions to continue to implement best practices for HiTech compliance. Healthcare organizations face the highest level of compliance requirements to ensure privacy and security rules are followed. 

One of the key best practices for HiTech compliance is to implement an information security program. RMM Solutions is working to ensure all computers are updated and patched consistently allowing the Bone & Joint IT team the time to focus on strategic projects.


Together, the RMM and Bone & Joint team, created a state of the art data backup solution using VEEAM software, HPE servers, and RMM's data centers. It's essential for every organization to have a backup plan. We recommend following the 3-2-1 rule for backup. Three copies of your information saved in two locations with one being off-site. 

Being prepared for the unknown is also part of our partnership. Like many organizations, Bone & Joint has written policies in place for incidents such as ransomware or a flood. They take advantage of our free incident response workshops to learn from fellow peers and practice their policies so they can be ready.

Bone & Joint believes that communication is critical and that RMM Solutions has done a great job of being responsive to their needs. When their IT team needs an extra hand, RMM Solutions responds with our Co-Managed IT Solutions. 

In a recent interview with Steve Ransbottom, the Systems Administrator and Security Officer at Bone & Joint, he was asked what advice he would give to medical centers who were considering RMM Solutions as an IT Provider.

He said, "Just do it! There are a lot of options out there and available to folks, but what RMM brings to the plate is communication, thoroughness, and responsiveness." He went on to say that RMM Solutions goes above and beyond and that's important to them. Be sure to watch the whole video today.

If you are looking for an IT Provider that can come alongside your company as a Managed Service Provider, contact RMM Solutions or visit our website and see all our IT Solutions.

Bone & Joint Center:

Bone & Joint is a Orthopedic Medical Center that provides individuals with a variety of high-quality services like Walk-In Care, X-Ray, Surgery, Robotics, Pain Management, and Therapy. Bone & Joint treats their patients with importance, understanding that injuries need to be taken seriously and treated properly in a timely manner.  Whether you live in Medford, Merrill, Plover, Wausau, Stevens Point, Mosinee, or Marathon, their team of top-performing orthopedic providers will work together with you to get you back to the activities you love. 

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