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Reducing Your IT Burden with Co-Managed Services.

Posted by Bradley Kinderman - 30 December, 2020

Cybersecurity, remote access, digital transformation, edge computing, process automation and advanced analytics are all among the top technology priorities for 2021. Completing any of those initiatives will be a tall order for IT organizations dealing with staffing and budget limitations while trying to handle an increasing number of day-to-day responsibilities.

The routine tasks required to ensure that networks, systems, applications and end-user devices are operating properly often prevent IT from adequately addressing high-level strategic and operational goals. These challenges have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with IT staff supporting remote workers while working remotely themselves.

The net effect is that in-house IT staff are working longer with greater pressure. Nearly 60 percent of tech workers say they are currently suffering from burnout, according to a recent survey conducted by Blind, a social network for IT professionals.

A co-managed IT provider can provide your IT team with the help they need without busting your budget.

Shared Responsibility

Like other staff augmentation models, co-managed services are designed to give you the additional manpower and expertise needed to tackle both routine and innovative technology requirements. Unlike other models, however, the co-managed approach gives you a much greater degree of control.

In a pure managed services arrangement, for example, services are delivered for a predictable monthly fee, relieving you of the need to budget for salaries and benefits. However, this approach can be overkill for organizations that already have internal IT staff but simply need additional manpower or specific expertise.

A Co-Managed IT Service Provider can provide outside experts supplement your own staff in an arrangement that is closer to a partnership than an outsourcing arrangement. It is a shared-responsibility model in which your internal IT staff work closely with external staff to ensure that services precisely meet your technical and operational requirements. This allows you to boost staffing levels cost-effectively.

On-Demand Expertise

Best-in-class managed services providers allow you the flexibility to scale services up or down as needed for certain projects or operational requirements, ranging from help-desk functions, security, application management, network operations and more. You can add staff for remote branch locations. You determine whether you want the MSP to take on day-to-day tasks or assist with more complex projects and strategic initiatives. The MSP has a bench of engineers who ensure you’re always covered when your in-house staff take vacations or sick leave.

You don’t have to worry about training — the MSP’s staff already has the skills needed to hit the ground running. And they’re always available to meet mission-critical requirements.

When your internal staff is assured that they aren’t being replaced, they’ll appreciate the benefits of partnering with an MSP. They will have the opportunity to work on more varied projects and use their skills and talents in ways that enhance their careers as well as your operations.

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are eager to exploit emerging technologies to gain competitive advantages, but the demands of day-to-day operations often frustrate attempts at strategic improvements. Through our Green Light co-managed IT services provider offering, RMM Solutions gives you a cost-effective way to gain the manpower and expertise you need to keep pace with the changing tech landscape.


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