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Outsourced IT Is The Affordable Alternative To Hiring IT Staff.


Posted by Jackie Edwards - 23 June, 2020

IT staffing limitations often frustrate organizations’ efforts to exploit transformative technologies such as mobile, cloud, analytics and artificial intelligence. Various studies indicate that the ongoing IT skills shortage is reaching critical proportions, with nearly 90 percent of companies reporting they struggle to find qualified candidates.

Even if there weren’t a skills shortage, most organizations would likely struggle with staffing issues. Given the rapid pace of IT change and ongoing budget challenges, few organizations could afford to have all the in-house skill sets needed to support every application, service and project.

Outsourced IT provides an effective alternative to adding staff by allowing you to gain access to expertise, skill sets and intellectual property for a predictable and manageable cost. Here are three ways outsourced IT can address budget and staffing issues:

Reduced Payroll

When you staff an internal IT department, you add more salaries to your payroll. While this cost could be eliminated by having your current employees manage your IT, this approach could quickly become both a security concern and a time sink. They simply don’t have the training required to keep problems to a minimum and streamline operations.

When you outsource your IT, this risk disappears, and you get a flat-rate, month-by-month service that prevents issues altogether per your service level agreement. You can then use the money saved by not hiring new employees to invest in other parts of your business.

Qualified, Professional Technicians

When you put someone in charge of your IT, you want someone who has the skills needed to maximize the ROI you get from your technology. The ideal candidate will have experience managing multiple types of IT systems, and maybe even certifications. The last thing you need is someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing dabbling with your network and its components.

If your office is located in an inconvenient location, finding the talent to fill this gap might be challenging. Situations like this could make it tempting to allow your team to maintain their own technology when it’s not prudent to do so.

Less Time Spent on IT Issues

Anyone who has tried to troubleshoot their own technology issues knows how much time it can take. Unless you’re a technology wizard, you might miss a vital detail and be troubleshooting the wrong symptom. If you don’t have the time to address any and all issues, a vital problem might bring your network down, resulting in downtime and data loss. Furthermore, any resources allocated to IT maintenance can sap productivity and hamper customer service. Simply put: your employees don’t have time to worry about IT, and neither do you.

Outsourcing IT tasks to a qualified managed services provider such as RMM Solutions is a cost-effective way to gain access to expertise. For those who wish to maintain more control over the IT environment, RMM can also provide co-managed IT services — a hybrid approach in which our experts supplement your own staff. It is a strategic partnership in which your internal IT staff direct our staff to ensure that services are customized to meet your technical and operational requirements.

Outsourced and co-managed IT both provide a cost-efficient way to gain the manpower and expertise needed to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape. Give us a call at 715-848-3292 to explore how either of these staffing models can help you gain a competitive advantage.

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