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How Data Center Colocation Can Support Your Remote Workforce.


Posted by Stacy England - 18 December, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating digital transformation plans by years in most industries as companies move more of their workloads and data online and into the cloud in order to support at-home workers. The resulting increase in data traffic is also having a profound effect on data center operations.

On-premises data centers are experiencing massive surges in traffic due to our pandemic-driven reliance on web-based technologies for work, school and entertainment. Traffic increases of 60 percent or more are straining existing data center capacity, and the wide distribution of applications and data is creating security, backup and disaster recovery challenges.

Colocation services such as those offered by RMM Solutions provide the flexibility to address these challenges. The on-demand scalability of the colocation model allows businesses to rapidly meet the connectivity and capacity requirements of new workloads and applications.

With at-home work likely to remain a permanent feature in many industries, analysts anticipate steady growth of colocation services over the next several years. Grand View Research estimates the global data center colocation market will grow by nearly 13 percent annually through 2027, reaching a total value of $104.77 billion.

Cost, Control and Connectivity Benefits

Colocation, or colo, provides a number of cost and management benefits for companies looking to expand their digital infrastructure to support remote operations. RMM offers colocation services in our world-class data center facilities, providing you with highly secure, environmentally controlled space for the hardware and software of your choice.

In addition to giving you a good deal of control over your infrastructure, colocation eliminates the expense of building and maintaining data center space. That is likely to be an increasingly important consideration over the coming months as organizations rethink their real estate requirements. With remote work the new normal, more than half of companies plan to shrink their real estate footprint after the pandemic, according to a survey by Cisco.

Colocation data centers also support the remote workforce through a variety of robust connectivity options. RMM offers enterprise-grade bandwidth with the option to contract with additional service providers for redundant connectivity. Multiple connectivity options also help reduce risk by eliminating a single point of failure.

Boosting Business Continuity

The flexibility to switch to a different provider in the event of a disruption provides essential business continuity benefits. That’s an important capability for organizations with large numbers of remote workers who require reliable access to critical data and applications.

In addition to connectivity options, colo facilities help ensure business continuity with a range of redundant components to ensure resilience and high availability. Some facilities also provide office space, phone service, Internet connectivity, and other services and equipment in the event your offices are unavailable during a disaster.

RMM customers can also take advantage of our subject-matter expertise across the entire IT stack. While colocation relieves you of many operational burdens, you remain responsible for managing and maintaining servers, switches, routers, VPNs, firewalls and other gear. In our managed colocation arrangement, our data center team assumes those responsibilities for a predictable monthly fee. We also deliver enhanced security and compliance by ensuring that proper security measures are implemented and updated. Patch management, antivirus updates and firewall monitoring are among the critical tasks your staff can offload.

RMM’s colocation data center services can help you build a dynamic IT environment with the scalability and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of your remote workforce. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how a colo arrangement could help you meet your operational requirements. Give us a call!

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