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Learn about Cloud Computing by registering for RMM’s Azure Virtual Lab.


Posted by Jackie Edwards - 27 January, 2021

It is impossible to overstate the importance of cloud computing in today’s business environment. By enabling anytime, anywhere access to highly available and massively scalable computing resources, the cloud underpins all IT modernization initiatives and provides the infrastructure to support pandemic-driven remote work operations.

However, a cloud migration can be a nightmare for organizations that don’t have the right expertise. More than 80 percent of administrators say the lack of internal skills and knowledge is the top barrier to cloud success, according to one recent study.

RMM Solutions can help your organization develop that expertise with an immersive training experience on Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. Even first-time cloud users can get up to speed on how to design, deploy and manage core services and key applications on Azure during our live, online training session on Feb. 17.

Portal Power

Andres Oceguera, a certified Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) facilitator, will guide participants through the ins and outs of the Azure portal — a unified, web-based console through which users can build, secure and deploy virtual machines (VMs) and compute workloads. The portal’s graphical user interfaces make it easy to set up one-click backup, restore and failover functions without using complicated command-line interface tools.

During the 1-hour, 45-minute interactive session, participants will also explore how to:

  • Create and deploy a Windows Server Data Center virtual machine
  • Review resource group, virtual network and storage account components
  • Use network security groups to filter network traffic to and from Azure resources
  • Increase the availability and reliability of VMs using availability sets
  • Utilize advanced VM features such as scale sets, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and PowerShell management tools
  • Execute scripts on Azure VMs using custom script extensions
  • Monitor and secure VMs with Azure Security Center

With a better understanding of Azure, participants can help their organizations take advantage of one of the world’s leading cloud platforms. According to Flexera's most recent State of Tech Spend Report, 61 percent of respondents plan to increase spending on Azure in 2021 in order to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and remote work models.

Scalable Solution

Azure is an especially great fit for organizations that use Microsoft enterprise server solutions. It enables a true hybrid cloud environment that allows seamless integration between existing on-premises infrastructure and the Azure cloud. Organizations can choose where to run workloads based upon performance, security, compliance and other requirements.

One of the beauties of cloud computing with Azure is that it allows you to start small and scale as you become more comfortable with the platform. Users can pick and choose from a range of compute, networking, storage and analytics services to develop new applications or run existing apps in the public cloud. In addition, a number of third-party vendors also make their services available directly through Azure.

Our training session will give participants a basic understanding of how to create their own cloud environment and provide the foundation for developing more advanced capabilities. There are limited spaces available, so sign up today! Just click here to register.

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