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How to Gain Maximum Value from Managed Services.

Posted by Bradley Kinderman - 26 August, 2021

When a line of business server crashes, network slowness rears its ugly head or a mission-critical application fails, companies with limited or overburdened IT staff often depend on a managed service provider (MSP) to come to the rescue. In many cases, the MSP will be able to fix the problem before it causes downtime. However, this technology-centric perspective doesn’t take full advantage of the benefits a managed service provider can offer.

Yes, managed IT service providers create value by helping you save time, money, and effort on technology-related tasks. But as your business and your technology continue to evolve, a trusted managed service provider can deliver far more strategic value to your business by streamlining workflows, driving innovation, enhancing communication, and improving decision-making.

As organizations look to achieve digital transformation through the adoption of new technologies, the biggest challenge they face is focusing the right people and resources on strategic initiatives. Day-to-day tasks often overwhelm in-house IT staff or departments, preventing businesses from adequately linking their IT operations with business processes and outcomes.

A managed service partner can help you make that connection. An IDC (global market intelligence firm) survey found that enterprises utilizing managed services for strategic initiatives were able to streamline application implementation, increase operational efficiencies and ensure consistent service delivery across global markets. By focusing manpower on high-value projects, these organizations were able to add functionality to existing technologies while also supporting the transition to new technologies that could expand their reach into new markets.

Such benefits directly translate to improved top-and bottom-line results — and not just for large, multinational corporations. In a new survey from TechAisle, 46 percent of U.S. small and midsized businesses said that managed services contribute to business growth through the faster resolution of IT issues. Businesses are able to increase revenue by optimizing system availability and performance, enhancing productivity, and enabling staff to focus on core competencies.

More than half of those surveyed also reported bottom-line benefits through reduced IT costs. In addition, they said that managed services give them greater control over the IT environment, allow them to maintain a leaner business, and make costs, performance, and the user experience more predictable.

On-demand IT Expertise

The role of business technology is steadily evolving and ever-changing. Organizations are increasing their reliance upon IT to enhance innovation and drive productivity. They are rolling out wave after wave of new applications to support an increasingly mobile workforce. They are utilizing more cloud-based platforms in conjunction with in-house infrastructure. A managed service provider can play a vital role in this evolution by bringing experience and manpower to bear on high-priority initiatives.

RMM Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed IT services, ranging from remote monitoring and management and help desk services to “virtual CIO” services that give you on-demand access to executive-level technology expertise. Not only can we help you with day-to-day operational issues to save you time and money, but we can also help you implement strategies for leveraging technology in order to seize new opportunities.

Posted by Bradley Kinderman


Topics: Technology, Managed Services, Small Business

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