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Effective Planning is Key to Maximizing Cloud Benefits.


Posted by Jackie Edwards - 06 May, 2020

Conventional wisdom says that cloud computing is the ideal IT model for businesses. In practice, the model doesn’t always deliver expected benefits.

Cloud services have a reputation for enabling unprecedented scalability and flexibility while reducing infrastructure expenses. That’s why nine out of 10 businesses today use the cloud in some capacity, with the vast majority using four or more clouds in a multi-cloud strategy.

However, more than a third of U.S. businesses say they haven’t realized anticipated benefits from their cloud migration initiatives, according to a 2019 report from Unisys. Specifically, study participants reported that cloud migration hasn’t met expectations for reducing costs (30 percent), increasing revenues (30 percent) or improving productivity (29 percent).

Cloud sprawl is another challenge. The cloud model makes it so easy to add new infrastructure, applications and services that some organizations are experiencing management issues. The uncontrolled proliferation of cloud instances often results in wasted resources, unexpected costs and potential security issues.

Poor Planning Undermines Effort

The problem is escalating during the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations experiment with multiple cloud platforms to help support rising numbers of remote workers. This can significantly increase management complexity. Different cloud providers have different configurations and standards, making it tough to shift data, applications and services between platforms. Connecting on-premises applications with cloud resources such as backup and file syncing solutions can also be challenging.

In their rush to adopt new cloud services, most organizations haven’t given enough thought to how they will manage these environments. According to one recent IBM study, less than half of organizations using multiple clouds have a specific management strategy or the tools and procedures needed to operate a multi-cloud environment.

Lacking a comprehensive plan for adopting new cloud services and migrating on-premises resources to the cloud, organizations can run into a host of unanticipated challenges that increase risk, costs and complexity. These challenges include:

  • The need to re-architect or re-factor applications to suit public cloud infrastructure
  • Downtime and service disruptions associated with migrating mission-critical applications
  • Learning curves required to manage new tools, processes and governance requirements
  • Post-migration problems with application performance, resiliency and scale

Creating a Clear Strategy

Cloud Computing offers undeniable benefits, but the process of adopting new cloud-based applications and migrating mission-critical apps out of the data center and into the cloud is a significant undertaking. RMM Solutions has invested in the tools and expertise needed to help customers overcome these challenges.

RMM works with customers to develop a comprehensive roadmap for cloud migration to ensure there are no surprises. During whiteboarding sessions with our chief technology officer and cloud engineers, you can test multiple migration strategies and evaluate deployment, operational and management considerations in advance.

The RMM team can also conduct a thorough application assessment to identify which apps can be easily migrated, which may need to be redesigned or replaced, and which are better off remaining in house. The assessment also should establish a clear business case, identifying for each app specifically why migration will deliver value and competitive advantage.

Businesses migrate workloads to the cloud with an eye toward improving operational agility, scalability and elasticity while also optimizing costs. Without extensive upfront planning and a clear business strategy, cloud migrations can fail to meet expectations. The cloud experts at RMM Solutions can help you develop a cloud strategy that's secure, sustainable and cost-effective. Give us a call to learn more.

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