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Cyber Warfare Range Expected to Be a Highlight at 2019 RMM Tech Fair.


Posted by Arthur Corallo - 14 August, 2019

Plans are coming together for the 2019 RMM Tech Fair, which will be held Oct. 3 at the Milwaukee Marriott West in Waukesha, Wisc. The theme of our 17th Tech Fair is “Responsible Security Movement” as IT and security professionals will gather to learn practical ways to protect and secure their organizations against cyber threats.

Educational sessions will cover a wide range of topics, such as dark web research, securing the Internet of Things, security information and event management, the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data center modernization, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and Backup-as-a-Service. Additionally, attendees will have an opportunity to learn about new security approaches and solutions, and to participate in RMM’s cyber warfare range.

Cyber warfare ranges have been developed to help address the serious lack of cyber security professionals. What’s more, IT professionals who have a somewhat limited security background and want to gain practical experience find it difficult to get hand-on cybersecurity training. Cyber warfare ranges can help close the skills gap, strengthen and expand the cybersecurity workforce, and provide organizations with the talent they need to defend against increasingly sophisticated threats.

A cyber warfare range enables security and IT professionals of all skill levels to see how a security operations center functions, learn by doing, and apply new skills in a collaborative environment. For example, attendees can learn how to detect vulnerabilities, gather data on different types of threats and attacks, perform forensics analysis, and apply real-time, actionable threat intelligence. While the focus is always on preventing data breaches, a cyber warfare range can also teach you how to respond to and mitigate cyber warefare attacks to minimize the impact of a data breach.

The fact is, every organization is fighting a never-ending cyber war, even if they don’t realize it. On one side, you’re constantly defending your data, systems and other assets. On the other side, well-funded, highly organized hackers with advanced tools are trying to penetrate your defenses to steal or delete your data and profit from their activity. A cyber warfare range helps you deal with cybersecurity challenges in real time while expanding your skill set.

Although cyber warfare ranges are becoming more popular, there are a limited number of ranges operating across the country right now. RMM’s Tech Fair offers you a rare opportunity to expand your cybersecurity knowledge in a real-world setting and apply what you learn when you get back to the office. Between the educational sessions and the cyber warfare range, we’re confident that RMM Tech Fair attendees will come away with a much better sense of modern security threats and how to win the war against them.

You still have time to reserve your spot at the 2019 RMM Tech Fair on Oct. 3 at the Milwaukee Marriott West. Visit the event website for more information and to register.

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