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5 Ways Managed Services Support Long-Term Remote Operations.


Posted by Jackie Edwards - 12 November, 2020

It is almost universally accepted that work-from-home arrangements will remain a feature of the business landscape long after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. Harnessing the necessary manpower and expertise to meet the long-term IT needs of the remote workforce will be a challenge, however. Managed services providers will play a key role in delivering that support.

Nearly three-quarters of businesses say the pandemic has accelerated their plans to move operations to a managed services model, according to Ernst & Young’s 2020 Tax and Finance Operate survey. Some 73 percent of respondents said they plan to work with an MSP in the next 24 months in order to add value, reduce risk and slash costs.

Thus far, IT organizations have largely risen to the challenge presented by the pandemic — despite being forced to work remotely themselves without direct access to either company resources or users’ systems. According to a new survey from ManageEngine, 85 percent of remote workers say their IT teams equipped them with the hardware, software, services and support they needed to become immediately productive from their remote work environment.

Strategic Requirements

However, the IT support issues are changing now. IT teams focused on tactical solutions during the early days of the pandemic when the immediate objective was to enable remote access and deliver basic network resources to remote workers. Eight months later, organizations must shift their focus to technologies and business processes that can support a remote workforce over the long-term.

Few organizations are fully prepared for this shift. In a recent Method Research study, 95 percent of organizations said they successfully navigated the initial transition to remote operations. However, more than two-thirds said they don’t have a long-term plan. In fact, more than half admitted that they have spent more time planning the company holiday party than planning for a remote work future.

Working with a qualified MSP such as RMM Solutions can relieve some of the immediate support burden and allow organizations to devote more time, energy and focus to their long-term requirements. We also have both the IT expertise and business acumen to help guide an organization’s strategic technology decisions. Here are five important ways that RMM can help fulfill your long-term remote support requirements:

Strategic planning. We can help you develop a detailed roadmap for adopting and using cloud services, mobile platforms, data analytics and more to boost competitiveness, efficiency and productivity. The plan will establish how technologies will be used for current operations as well as for longer-term initiatives, and it will establish a framework for achieving those goals by establishing priorities, aligning resources and identifying actions to be taken.

End-user support. Remote workers — particular those in non-technical positions — require frequent tech support for the simple reason they are no longer working with office technology that is regularly monitored, maintained, patched and upgraded by the company’s in-house IT staff. Our help desk service ensures your employees can call in and get responsive support whenever they need it.

Secure remote access. Remote network access technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and the remote desktop protocol (RPD) have become common attack vectors for cybercriminals. Our Secure Remote Access solution significant enhances security with AES 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication and other security features.

Remote network monitoring. Our remote network monitoring will identify any potential issues before there is an actual disruption. This enables you to avoid downtime and data loss rather than simply getting things fixed after they break. We also monitor bandwidth utilization trends, backup processes and more.

Cloud support. Cloud resources are essential for remote workers, providing anytime/anywhere/any device access to applications and data. RMM can provide guidance on selecting and implementing cloud applications, help users set up profiles and configure workloads, and monitor cloud usage to maximize performance.

Although most organizations were able to successfully manage the rapid transition to remote operations, they must now focus on long-term strategic requirements. With our comprehensive managed services portfolio, RMM Solutions can provide the guidance and support you’ll require to support your remote workforce now and in the future.

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